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I have always enjoyed a thin top lip, which has been much more apparent when I smiled. I had previously regarded as cosmetic lip tattooing to offer my lips more definition, however, when I attended a scheduled appointment using a local Beautician concerning this procedure I altered my mind after viewing her before and after pictures. A few of her ‘after’ pictures created the customers appear like these people were putting on very Theatrical make-up, or like a Clown – in any case it just didn’t look all-natural. Later, when I pointed out this to a friend, she explained about the non-medical Botox treatment Lip Improvement process she’d been having recently as well as the regular Botox treatment remedies she had to remove frown lines. She said it was a new Advanced Botox treatment process, and just a few hundred dollars. I hadn’t noticed any difference in her face, but right after she’d pointed out it, I could see that her lip area looked nice and plump, as well as completely natural. So I made a scheduled appointment to have my top lip improved with Botox as well.

After I attended the appointment I used to be recommended that Botox can be unpleasant when injected in to the lip area, however I have done not discover the procedure very painful. I used to be not provided any kind of pain alleviation, my lip area were washed and four injections made together my top lip (one each side in the Cupid’s Bow and one each side additional together). It had been an extremely fast procedure. I could really feel a sting because the needle gone in, however it was endurable as well as the needle seemed to be eliminated rapidly without any right after-pain at the shot sites whatsoever.

The way in which I comprehended it if it was described in my opinion by the Practitioner was that Botox treatment would make my top lip appear fuller by contracting some of the muscle groups in the top lip area, it might somewhat draw my top lip up. I was also told that right after the procedure I might most likely be unable to ‘whistle’ or drink through a straw till the results of the method work away (in a number of months time). I had been also required to sign a record to state I comprehended that the process is not formally authorized for Botox treatment use. I had been informed the method had been a fairly new discovery about the usage of Botox.

On coming back home from the appointment, I really could notice the distinction instantly in the looking glass. My top lip was fuller – specially when smiling. I no more enjoyed a thin top lip after i smiled, however it was natural searching it wasn’t more than-obvious plus it didn’t noticeably change my overall facial look. As my lip area failed to look ‘plumped up’ (like with aesthetic ‘fillers’) it just provided a rather bigger grin and nicer searching lip area. It searched like a very pleasing outcome.

Though there was no discomfort or some bruising after having the method, within the hrs later on I encountered a down-part to getting it completed. It didn’t trouble me that I couldn’t whistle, and I had been cautioned i may struggle to consume coming from a straw, however I rapidly and abruptly realised that it was actually very hard to me now to drink from the mug! It experienced like I had no control on the center percentage of my upper lip and the area above it. Although it didn’t really really feel paralyzed once i was seeking to consume from the cup, I just couldn’t use each of the usual muscle groups I have to normally use to possess a drink. Once I went to consume from a cup it felt like my top lip was hanging out within the top of my base lip and i also really spilled a number of my consume down the top of me! The same also happened right after cleaning my teeth when I visited wash my mouth area out right after cleaning, just a little liquid would dribble down my face or onto the front of my clothes. Within the weeks following this procedure these complications persisted and i also would need to really ‘concentrate’ to not spill any liquids when I was drinking or cleaning my teeth!

I also initially realized that my lip area experienced more natural/comfy in unusual positions when I wasn’t smiling. For about the first week, with a normally closed mouth, it experienced comfortable for my top lip to hold well rested completely on the top of my bottom lip. Which is not just a natural appear – and if searching in the mirror when keeping my lip area in this way, I certainly looked unusual (or even somewhat facially deformed!). I purchased ofdzed to holding my lip area together correctly in the next couple of days and also this issue subsided. Furthermore, i observed that I used to be now capable of easily pucker up my lips sufficient that my top lip could now effortlessly sign up for as much as my nose, which I was able to make an unusual “V” shape with my top lip – Excellent if you’re into pulling encounters but not appealing!

General I found the method an excellent, affordable and fast solution for my slim smile, nevertheless the down sides into it – especially not finding it easy to drink coming from a cup, may can even make me think hard before having the procedure done again. I’m undecided, I guess it depends about how much I wind up missing my fuller smile!

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