The California Center for Reproductive Health is an innovative medical facility specializing exclusively in reversing all types of tubal ligations, using expert microsurgical techniques in a state-of-the-art facility in California, achieving extremely higher achievement rates.

You have achieved our web site simply because you have previously undergone a tubal ligation for permanent sterilization, and you also now wish to have more kids. Despite being regarded as a lasting contraceptive technique, a tubal ligation is really reversible most of the time via a simple procedure with a fast recovery time. When a tubal ligation is reversed, you can conceive naturally without having assisted reproduction, just like you probably did before. The Middle for Tubal Reversal and Dr. Mor can make your dreams of parenthood come true once more! We recognize that tubal ligation reversal can be expensive, and somewhat scary, therefore we have developed an affordable cost program that can lower your financial burden and assist you to achieve your pregnancy within a much less stressful manner.

Doctor Mor is Board Certified both in Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as Dr. Eliran Mor Reviews. Getting experienced strenuous specific training in microsurgery and tubal reanastomosis (tubal reversal) methods in the University of Southern California (USC), Dr. Mor has surfaced a leading professional within the process, carrying out numerous reversals each year. Each and every case is given the highest interest with focus on security and excellent end result. Doctor. Mor’s commitment to maintaining your health insurance and achieving fantastic being pregnant prices means that no shortcuts are made! Just the finest services, staff, equipment, and materials are utilized in every single tubal reversal surgical treatment to achieve the very best outcome possible. “I take care of patients’ security and achievement, and I head to great lengths to achieve that with each and every tubal reversal I perform.” Dr. Mor

Doctor Mor is one virility professional who is constantly striving to keep around the reducing-edge of virility remedies and human reproduction. As well as monthly Diary Club conferences/publication evaluation sessions and academic seminars/lectures, Dr. Mor attends at the very least two major Reproductive Endocrinology/Inability to conceive meetings every year in an attempt to present his individuals with all the newest in revolutionary reproductive treatment. Only treatments that were tested and validated via multiple great studies are adopted in Doctor. Mor’s practice, in an fqnvdh to administer safe and effective remedies to achieve a proper being pregnant.

A true “patients’ doctor,” Dr. Mor is and are your personal doctor all through your virility journey! All consultation services, right after-hour inquiries, pelvic exams, ultrasound exams, diagnostic procedures, helped reproductive methods (egg retrievals, embryo transfers…), and surgical treatments, if needed, is going to be done by Dr. Mor. Involvement in every aspect of your fertility care and complete micromanagement of your therapy makes Dr. Mor your ideal companion within your road to getting pregnant.

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