What Is the Root Canal Therapy Instrument? The root canal treatment instrument is additionally referred to as a root canal motor. It is a precision electronic instrument designed to decrease the work intensity of the doctor, replace the manual enlargement of the root canal, improve efficiency and save time, and prepare a more standard root canal.

The dental root canal therapy instrument is among the medical instrument of stomatology, which contains two components: the irrigating unit and the suction device. The eliminating device enables the pressurized air to get in the flushing head with the pump, air storage tank and flow regulating valve. The suction device pulls out your necrotic tissue in the root canal through the filter, vacuum, closed-away valve, exhaust device, flow regulating device, suction head. The suction head is really a key part of the instrument. It includes stretchy connections, Root Canal Needle tubes and handles. The stretchy contacts can be made into wedges. The instrument brings together irrigation and suction, which can securely and quickly extract the necrotic substances within the root canal of the teeth, in order that the teeth can be treated efficiently.

According to the operating principle from the underlying canal therapy tool can be divided into: ultrasonic root canal therapy tool and microscope underlying canal therapy tool.

1. Ultrasonic Underlying Canal Healing Apparatus

The ultrasonic underlying canal therapy tool is made up of an ultrasonic emission system plus an watering system. It has two cleansing techniques, chemical substance and mechanical. The “cavitation” effect of ultrasonic surf can significantly improve the antibacterial effect of the irrigation solution, which can necrosis in the root canal. Tissue and toxins are flushed out. Its working principle is to apply the ultrasonic release system to help make the increase needle (as shown within the shape) vibrate 3-dimensionally, as well as the liquid squirt system for underlying canal preparation.

The benefits of the ultrasonic root canal therapy tool are: the ultrasonic technologies have biological effects, mechanical effects, thermal effects and cavitation phenomena that mix the above three functions, and can successfully destroy various microorganisms inside the root canal. Ultrasonic underlying canal planning has good continuous irrigation, which can timely eliminate necrotic tissue particles within the underlying canal, effectively decrease the volume of bacteria within the underlying canal, and steer clear of the piston motion in the tool within the infected root canal. So the contaminated materials inside the root canal is difficult to surpass the root apex. Due to the vibration of the ultrasonic file itself, it is much less laborious to perspective and pull together with your fingertips. It only must do the lifting and placing motion instead of the rotating motion, and so the breaking up rate of the device and the incident price of the gadget falling to the mouth of the patient and being swallowed accidentally are cut down tremendously. Because of the fluid spraying device, there is absolutely no need to quit for flushing, conserving procedure time.

2. Microscope root canal therapy tool

Microscope root canal treatment instrument is a mix of microscope technologies and medical technologies. Dental care apex locator can clearly observe the tooth body structure and underlying canal morphology. Whether it be traditional root canal treatment or apical microsurgery, it can permit physicians to guard the normal tissue of patients, therefore enhancing the success rate of treatment, shortening the healing time, and decreasing pain. , The postoperative wound is smaller sized.


1. Built in rechargeable battery power, easy to run. Power supply show (shows the power of the built-in battery, flashes when charging you), torque display (shows the torque if the motor unit is operating), velocity show (100~625r/minutes) The speed of each equipment raises or decreases by 25r/minutes.

2. This machine has a variety of memory functions, physicians can set various torque and velocity based on different types of expansion needles, easy to operate.

3. During this process of expanding the root canal, following the expansion needle torque surpasses the set value, in order to prevent part penetration and needle damage, the electrical motor will instantly change, as well as the doctor can also adjust the manual converting in the machine based on the actual situation.

4. The machine adopts a big Liquid crystal display screen show, which can intuitively see the operation of the machine on the screen.

5. In order to lessen the financial stress around the doctor and much better sterilize the situation, use a 1:1 reduced-velocity twisting head along with a better Endodontic Plugger.

Safety measures to use

1. To regulate the torque and velocity, it is best to set the torque control motor and the coordinating speed. Following the torque recommended by the expanded needle producer, speed is extremely necessary for treatment safety.

2. Measure the length of the tool every time it gets into the main canal. Longer instruments increase the potential risk of twisting and breaking up. Equipped with root canal duration calculating tool, caliper, and so on. for working duration way of measuring.

3. Correct operation is vital: usually do not use stress and force in the tip. The root Root Canal Instrument should never stay in the basis canal for as well long.

4. The breakage of the instrument mostly takes place in molars, particularly in the slim and slim underlying canals like the upper canal and mandibular molars. The mesial root canal should be given great care before therapy.

5. Curved root canals, re-therapy and calcified root canals require unique gear and methods, and it is advisable to utilize a new expansion needle.

6. Establish a straight way to maintain a sleek underlying canal, focus on actions during procedure, and try to ensure that the growth needle and also the root canal path have been in line to reduce the bending level of resistance of the expansion needle within the crown as well as the anxiety on the instrument.

7. The root canal needs to be kept sufficiently lubricated and rinsed each time it is actually prepared.

8. As the internal root canal is slim, tend not to apply stress to the growth needle throughout procedure. The cutting ought to be finished solely by the strength of the machine alone as well as the razor-sharp side of the expansion needle.

9. In the case of inadequate experience, it is actually safest to utilize the suggested minimal torque. In most cases, lower speed will lengthen the clinical lifetime of the device and reduce the risk of breaking.

10. Choose a great growth needle and manage the number of times during use: when using it, you need to observe whether there exists cable drawing or deformation. If you locate some thing, you must dispose of it in time, or you will regret it.

11. After every use, it is advisable to document the vwpszr number of utilizes to prevent fatigue from the instrument; the debris of the broadened needle edge needs to be cleaned consistently over time and built with a cleansing desk.

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