To keep your superworm larvae happy and healthy you have to satisfy a quick listing of requirements.

First, you require a dark, escape proof container. Utilizing an aquarium to house your larvae is not really suggested for various reasons. There is much too much wasted space inside an aquarium. You might think about keeping more Superworms in a deeper substrate to make the most of available height. This really is not a good idea as the thicker the substrate and layer of superworms, the more heat and mess is made. Additionally, larvae can easily climb the silicone bead running the inside which joins the pieces of glass together.

A shallow rubbermaid container works best. You will have to drill really small holes to the container for air circulation. Keep in mind that superworm larvae have quite strong mandibles and in case they can get their mouth upon an inside side of one of the drilled holes they are going to have little trouble enlarging it.

The next phase in keeping your superworms healthy is providing a quality substrate. You can find normally among two methods employed here. One idea is to supply a consumable substrate that provides both a food source and living environment. Another is to supply a non consumable substrate like wood shavings.

The second strategy is favorable because superworms tend to fair better in a moist environment. Superworm larvae need a light mist of water over their substrate occasionally to keep humidity levels high. Spraying a consumable substrate such as grain or cereal routinely can result in mold and mites, both of which can destroy a colony.

Water is an important variable in not just the healthiness of your superworms but additionally in breeding them later on if you decide to do this. Superworm beetles may not lay eggs minus the correct humidity levels. Superworm eggs may die if allowed to dehydrate extensively.

To supply a supply of water to drink a common method is to use potatoes (cut in half) or carrots. This is an economical solution with the additional advantage of potatoes being easily stored for later use. Another common approach to providing a way to obtain hydration is to purchase food/water cubes that are created by various pet product companies and sold online or using your local pet shop. These are a convenient way to offer both food and water in just one package using the added benefit of supplying your insects with nutritional vitamins. Try to find food cubes designed for feeding/hydrating crickets.

Another significant consideration is heat. Superworms unlike mealworms can not survive at low temperatures. Putting superworms inside the fridge to store them for later use like one would use mealworms will result in the death of your own superworms. Room temperature is fine for keeping the larvae, however stay in mind that they will grow faster and breed better if whatsoever dibqgk at higher temperatures (75 degrees or higher).

To give your superworms just about everything is going to do. They can be fed on grains, vegetables, carrion, salad mixes, top quality fish flakes, commercial diets, dog food etc.

Keeping superworms successfully is not really hard as long as you follows some elementary guidelines.

So remember, find or purchase a dark, escape proof container. Utilize a substrate of wood shavings. Feed them often and vary their diet plan. Spray their substrate using a very list mist water routinely. Keep the superworms with a warm temperature. Finally, do not forget to clean their enclosure often.

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